StringworksMusic is Jim Hartman’s music website.  You’ll find information here about music instruction.  You’ll also find updates to my performance schedule and other relevant news, and some recordings I’ve posted.   After 15 good years, I’ve closed my West End Allentown teaching studio.  I’m currently giving in-home lessons (your home, not mine) and also offer online lessons via Skype.

Check my ReverbNation page for my performance schedule:

2 Responses to StringworksMusic

  1. Troy dean says:

    Jim!!! My name is troy dean i was one of your students years ago. Was wondering how your doing amd wanted to say hello and thanks for all of your lessons. U are a fantastic teacher and hope all is well!!

  2. Ben Solheim says:

    Hi, For 30 years ago I bought a Fender Stingmaster 3 neck and on the case there is a name on one of teh earlier owner; Mervin Joe Hartman. Does it tells you anything?

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